Tuesday, 29 July 2014

paper earring&pendent

Hi today i am going share you  how to make paper earring&pendent
paper jewellery is comfort  wear.Its very simple to make
I will enjoy when i wear it and also wile doing.
I hope so you will file it

Needed :
              paper sip as you need
              gum glue
              earring hook
              link ring
              fancy rope
             quilling needle
              nose player

Method of doing:
                             first take paper sip roll with using quilling needle make it as round

                 past the corner using with gum
          take counters color paper sip make it roll

make it little looser and paste the corner and pres half make like thalagama shape
make ten part of thalagama for tow earring.
 place the small round in center point place the thalagam around like a flower

make tow small flower for earring&one big flower for pendent

 for earring hang the flower in link ring &earring hooke

       now your earring is read

add the fancy rope into the pendent using with link ring
  now your pendent is ready


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